Areas of Practice: Small Claims, Landlord Tenant Board (LTB), Employment Law, Human Rights Tribunal.

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 Areas of Practice


Small Claims

This includes the recovery of money or property of up to $25,000.00. Licensed paralegals can increase your chances of success.

The Small Claims court process is both long and formal. There are many steps to complete and the rules are plentiful and complex. What is more, the consequences for misunderstanding or missing a step can be serious. Whether it is breach of contract, misrepresentation, or debt recovery, we would be happy to help you navigate Small Claims Court at a reasonable rate. 


Employment law

Employment issues can lead to a matter before the Human Rights Tribunal or Small Claims court. Either way, an paralegal can assist you in seeing your rights enforced, as either an employer or employee.

Wrongful dismissal? Problems with maternity leave? Severance pay issues? Trouble obtaining accommodation for a disability? Employment is a serious concern for any individual. When trouble arises it can cause a lot of stress and suffering. Contact us for consultation on your employment issue and assistance dealing with these issues.

Landlord Tenant 

The LTB oversees all issues arising out of a Landlord and Tenant relationship. Educated representatives can assist you in presenting a strong case before the Board.

The Landlord Tenant Board proceeds in a manner similar to the Ontario courts. However, it can be rather expeditious. There is little time to "figure it out as you go". Also, when you're contemplating such important matters as eviction, damage, or unpaid rent, expertise can really go a long way. From filing applications, to mediating settlements, to hearings, we can assist you.

Human Rights

Ontario law ensures that your human rights are protected.

Not everyone knows that they have avenues to address harassment and discrimination. All too often, it is simply "coped with". Have you been denied accommodation based on your race or religion? Have you been dismissed based on your gender or sexual-orientation? Have you been denied services based on a disability? If you have faced harassment or discrimination based on any of the grounds prohibited by the Ontario Human Rights Code, we are here to help.

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